At PuraVida studio we use the  amazing Pilates principles working the hole body in an UNIQUE session, respecting who you are, where you are right now and where you want to go

What can you expect?

  • A small-scale Pilates-yoga studio
  • Enthusiastic, certified Pilates and yoga teacher
  • Lessons accessible to everyone
  • Lessons in  English, Spanish and Portuguese and a beetje of nederlands
  • Professional personal guidance with time and attention
  • Adapt and adjust to the specific possibilities and needs of your body
  • Become more powerful and flexible with more balance and stability
  • A better body awareness, trained and stimulated through cooperation between body and mind

Private classes

Small groups (3 students )

Outdoor & Corporative events

Online classes

Natalia, the trainer & Pura Vida origins

My career in sports began very early in Argentina, the place where I was born. On medical advice, I started swimming as a child and over time, with a lot of love and dedication, I became an athlete in the sport. Thanks to swimming, I traveled, studied and became a better person.
This path led me to study a career in Physical Education in São Paulo, Brazil, there was no doubt about it. I wanted to pass on to others what sport brought me. A healthier life, helping others to know their bodies better and helping them to overcome limitations (often mental) through competitive experience.
After a few years working with education, swimming and competition I entered the Pilates and Fitness market. Now with a different, more refined vision. Pilates showed me that with much less you can do much more. Working from the inside out and the outside in, with a lot of body awareness, understanding the reasons for our body and what it tells us, I entered the Yogi/Pilates world head first and have been here ever since (2010 and counting.... )
IN 2012 Pura Vida PIlates was born in São Paulo, Brazil. A pioneering studio in the way of working in the region. With American influences from group classes with devices (which are a little more common today). With the partnership of my sister who organized the administrative and financial scheme, our studio has been open and bearing fruit ever since with a wonderful team that continues to work hard to provide quality of life to every student who passes through it. During this period I learned a lot because the demand was so great with such a varied audience, that I studied two postgraduate courses in the area of postural re-education and osteopathy to be able to be up to the task and serve my students and colleagues in the best possible way.
In 2017 Love was in the air, and the paths of life brought me to Rotterdam with my partner and here we opened Pura Vida 010.
The studio in Rotterdam condenses my experience gained throughout my journey into a small but cozy space, which has a super good vibe and is open to anyone looking for a new way to move! I wait for you!


If you have any questions and you want to BOOK  a class  please fill in the form and we will give you a respons as soon as possible.